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  1. Special Care Facial Treatment

 1. Skin Renewal System

  1. Special Care Facial Treatment


To clarify and hydrate the skin condition 

2. Intensive Eye Treatment


Anti-dark eye circles, reduce water and anti-wrinkles eye treatement 

3. Body Treatment


Polish & nourish your skin

Thermal treatment to reduce water retention


4. DPL Soft Laser Hair Reduction


Promotion going on: choose either 2 area.

Removal of unwanted hair on specific area. 

5. Oxy Jet Infusion Facial Treatment


Infusion of healthy oxygen into the skin

Suitable for people with blemishes, dull and tired skin.

6. DPL Soft Laser Facial Treatment


To rejuvenate the skin, reduce fine lines, promoting collagen synthesis to make the skin smooth soft and radiant  

* For First Time Trial only

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